Mexican Iguana


I shoot film and digital photography. I prefer Nikon and Mamiya camera gear primarily. I use Adobe and Polaroid software for digital photography, but love film companies like Rollei, CineStill and Ilford for my black and white film projects. I still completely use and shoot film for photography, black and white as mentioned, but also color and some reversal film occasionally. The use of 35mm, medium format and large format film through several sized cameras makes it varied and interesting. My studio maintains a darkroom and analog equipment, but now house a digital environment alongside them.

In 2018, I started using a Pinhole camera once again and this has proved to be very interesting as I have not used one of these in a while. Another current fact about my art photography is that I still produce raw film photos, these are photographic works in black and white films that allow the presentation of full frame film negatives and presented as such, raw and right out of the camera on specific selected silver gelatin photographic paper that still remains available today and into the future.

I have continued to hand color black and white photographic paper in oil, which has opened the door to painting with oil, watercolor and acrylic on multiple forms of media. I also have been experimenting with new forms of a paste and liquid graphite. All this experimentation away from photography, has progressed my hand drawing and artistic endeavor's. Early in 2019 I started dabbling in digital drawing and painting using computer programs and this has progressed very well for me as a different medium.

In late 2019, I started working with photopolymer sheets, solarplates and raw plastic and metal plates. Equipped now with an etching press, I have been producing Intaglio monotypes, monoprints and encaustic collagraphs. This current path is pulling everything together for me as an artist. These inked originals print very well on specific art papers and on handmade paper. The Plate making process is fascinating to me.

I enjoy the art of photography, drawing, painting and just making art, giving me multiple ways now of creating my own form of expression to share and publicly display.

In closing, 2022 and beyond looks very promising for me as an artist.